Eternally Grateful…

Erin Sloan, PA-C and the Ormond Beach Urgent Care quite possibly saved my life last weekend.   I was experiencing tightness and pain in my right chest and was seen by Ms. Sloan at the Center.   Her examination and a chest x-ray did not reveal any problems.   She said my pain was possibly due to pleurisy, an inflammation of the lung’s inner lining resulting from the flu which I had just gotten over.   But, she said it could also be caused by blood clot(s) , so she wrote me an order to get a blood test and labeled it “STAT”.   I left the center relieved that she had not found anything in her examination and figured it was nothing more than the pleurisy she had mentioned.   Still, I went and did the blood test.  A couple hours later I received a call from the Center asking if I had gone for the test.  I told them where I had had the test done.   20 minutes later I received a call from Ms. Sloan.   They had contacted the blood test facility to get the results.  The test showed that there was a possibility of blood clots.   She directed me to go a hospital ER and request a chest CT scan.  She said I should go right away.  She then called the hospital ER and advised them I’d be coming.   I went to the hospital, had the CT scan and it revealed bi-lateral pulmonary embolisms.  I was put on a blood thinner drip immediately and admitted to the hospital where I spent 2 days on the IV.   The ER personnel told me that both lungs were nearly completely blocked.   Since my release the pain has ended and I’m on a prescription blood thinner.   Ms. Sloan could have easily diagnosed me with pleurisy and sent me on my way.   Had she done so, I might not be here today.   Thank you Ms. Sloan and the Ormond Beach Urgent Care Center!  You very likely saved my life.

Eternally grateful,

Paul B.

E, Edgewater, FL

Everyone was pleasant, and professional. Very thorough in explaining my treatments and medications being administered. I have used your office before and have good experiences. Will come again. Will recommend you to friends and family.

VA Authorized Urgent Care Provider