About Us


Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic

New Smyrna Beach Urgent Care has been part of the New Smyrna Beach community since 2010. Ormond Beach Urgent Care was started in November 2013. Our clinics are a family-run business and we put a premium on patient satisfaction. Our goal is to get patients with routine visits finished in 30 minutes or less, and we strive to deliver friendly and efficient care to all. We also work hard to be a good business partner with local employers that depend on us to treat their injured workers and provide employment physicals.

Our mission is to take care of the needs of our community in the most efficient, friendly and affordable manner. We understand that the success or failure of our mission is determined one patient at a time.

Experience the Urgent Care Difference!


Save Time

The average urgent care visit takes approximately 30 minutes. Be home in less time than a typical wait at your Doctor’s office or E.R.


Save Money

Our walk-in clinic treatments and co-pays are often a fraction of the cost of emergency room visits for insured or self-pay clients.


Save Health

The cost-saving convenience and clinical expertise of NSB Urgent Care means you can afford the time and money to better manage your health.