What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept: MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Cash ( We do not accept personal checks ), Assignment of insurance benefits

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring a photo ID and your insurance card with you when you visit our center. Please be sure to let our staff know of ANY allergies, current medications and your medical history.

What is the difference between Urgent Care and Emergency Care?

Emergency care refers to those things, which could be beyond the scope of any urgent care center, as they could prove to be life threatening and thus require the full resources of a hospital.

Does Urgent Care replace my primary care physician?

No, at NSB and Ormond Urgent Care, our goal is not to replace your primary care physician but to be available, when their office may be closed or when it is impractical to be seen by them promptly.

When should I use an urgent care center rather than my regular doctor?

Use your regular doctor when you can. We are here to assist in your care if you cannot schedule a convenient appointment. You will find the urgent care can handle your problem promptly.

Why not use the Emergency Room?

If you have a true life-threatening emergency, you must go to an emergency room. However, most patients do not need the expense and delay of the emergency room for urgent illnesses/injuries. Save time and money by visiting one of our Urgent Care offices.

Do we work with other doctors?

Yes. We see patients when your doctor is out, after hours, weekends and holidays. We handle the urgent problem immediately and refer back to your primary care doctor the next day.

Do you refer patients to specialists?

Yes. We handle immediately urgent problems such as sprains, fractures, lacerations, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, etc. and refer patients to the appropriate specialist the next day or immediately if the illness warrants.

Is x-ray available?

Yes, at our Ormond Beach location. We currently do not have x-ray facilities on site at our New Smyrna Beach office; however, if an x-ray is required we will send you to the closest facility where we will have results within a few hours.

Do your doctors have regular patients?

Since we are a walk-in urgent care center, our emphasis is on the urgent care patient. Some patients use us as their primary care provider, however depending on your insurance they may require you to follow up or obtain a primary care provider.

Do I need to an appointment? How soon will I be seen?

We are a walk-in clinic No appointment is needed. Patients are seen as they arrive.

Do we see patients with urgent illnesses?

We will see patients for almost anything: bladder-infections, flu, colds, blood pressure checks, minor trauma, fractures, lacerations, ear wax removal, rashes, bites, muscular pains, etc. We will refer you to the local emergency department if your condition is life threatening.


Anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian on each visit in order to sign our minor consent form. We do not see any children under 6 months old.


Because of possible drug interactions and in order to properly treat you, it is helpful to bring all of your current medications or a list with you. This should include any vitamins or health supplements that you buy without a prescription. Please be aware that some health plans may limit the brand or quantity of your medication. Bring all prescription and insurance cards.


If your insurance plan requires a Referral /Authorization for specialty care or diagnostic procedures, we will contact your insurance company to obtain the authorization. We will do our best to accomplish this as quickly as possible.

Workers’ Compensation

We work with many workers’ compensation insurance companies. To assist you properly please let us know at time of registration that you’re being seen for a work-related injury. This way we can register you properly and we are able to submit your claim in a timely manner.