Bronchitis Treatment Edgewater

Fast Bronchitis Treatment for Those in the Edgewater, FL, Area

Bronchitis Treatment Edgewater FLIf you are searching for bronchitis treatment in the Edgewater, Florida, area, chances are you don’t want to wait days, or even weeks, for an appointment with your primary care doctor. Bronchitis is often caused by the same viruses that cause the common cold or the flu. As your body fights off the infection, the bronchial tubes that carry air to your lungs become swollen and produce more mucus, causing symptoms such as chest congestion and a nagging cough that can persist for weeks. If you are looking for fast relief from this painful and uncomfortable illness, visit New Smyrna Beach Urgent Care.

Our walk in clinic has extended hours during the week and is open during the weekends and most holidays, so you can receive treatment for your bronchitis whenever it is most convenient for you. While this is the case for most urgent care clinics, there are many ways that we differentiate ourselves from other walk in medical facilities in the Edgewater, FL, area. For example, we:

  • Are family owned and provide highly personalized care that you won’t find at a corporate-owned urgent care facility
  • Work quickly with processing insurance and other paperwork, so you can receive bronchitis treatment as soon as possible
  • Offer in-house diagnostic services to help streamline treatment
  • Accept most insurance plans, including Medicare, Cigna, Humana, United, and more

Don’t wait to get treatment for your bronchitis; visit New Smyrna Beach urgent care today. We are happy to serve those in the Edgewater, FL, area.